Thursday, August 23, 2012

O Happy Day!!!

Well....I wrote this on my birthday but apparently I never clicked on the publish button. DUH!! Pretend it's August 23rd still. At the rate time is rushing along it was just yesterday anyway!! 8^)

Today I am officially 58 years old. Thanks to Facebook I can now have good wishes from tons of people all around the world. In fact, as I have gone through all the entries on my FB page it has been kind of like going through a condensation of quite a few years. How wonderful to be able to connect with so many people who have touched my life in some way!

And since this _is_ Pic of the Day...okay Pic of the Occasional is a photo sent especially for my birthday from my son-in-law David and his dad Tommy. They are in Tommy's back yard in Partille, Sweden. That's the very spot where Karyn and David married a little over a year ago!

Tommy and David

Also, what would a birthday be without flowers? My wonderful husband, who could have gone down to Wal-mart or a local nursery, instead did what he loves most.....Internet shopping! This box came today.....

I guess I knew you could ship live plants but truthfully I have never given it much thought. The box is very well designed to safely hold the plant in place.

The pot fits inside that inner little box that is held in place by the little folded in pieces of cardboard. This also makes holes to allow air to circulate in the box. Clever!

And ta da.....the plant itself!


I will forever be connected to purple orchids due to a certain incident which happened just before the change of command when Bob was made Commanding Officer of US Naval Hospital Guam in February 2001. The outgoing spouse declared that she would be the ONLY one wearing purple orchids. My gut reaction was along the lines of "Watch me" but cooler thoughts prevailed and really, who cares anyway?! I wore white orchids with just a touch of purple in the center. It went great with my light purple dress. HER purple orchids didn't even show on her vivid pink dress. So there! 

Folks showed support by gifting me with several purple orchid plants at the time and several in the years following. And when Bob was selected for promotion to Admiral he received this gorgeous arrangement with a note saying "Nice guys do finish first!"

Nice Guys DO Finish First!

And there you have it....purple orchids and me.

Blessings today,