Saturday, December 22, 2012

Llano's Deer

My college roomie lives in Llano, TX. She recently shared photos of the 'deer' around town that have been dressed for winter by her knitting group. It looked like so much fun that I wanted to share with you! Here are the Llano, TX deer in all their finery!

Texas Buck  

Camo Deer

Deer in Aggie Colors

Barbecue Buck

Diver Buck

Native American Buck

Bluebonnet Buck

Jacket Buck

Llano Buck

Mardi Gras Buck

Marilyn Dressed This One

And I confess this is my favorite deer of all. It just makes me smile!

Jail Buck


Thursday, December 20, 2012

UIW Graduation

Graduation Program

University of Incarnate Word had their graduation exercises last Sunday. Guess who was in the program as one of the faculty?!

KODB is in there!

Yep, KODB, aka Bob, was in the program AND he had to be at the event as well. I gave it a pass but he let me take some photos when he got home. Doesn't he look the epitome of a professor?!!!

Professor Kiser

I'm so happy he has found something to do which gives him great satisfaction. I think his students are really fortunate to have such a caring prof.

And just because it turned blustery and chilly today here are some photos to make us feel warm.

Kiser stockings

With all the needlework and fiber I handle you'd think we all had fancy stockings. Nope. They are made from towels and the names are bent chenille wire. Simple and it works for us.

Candles are nice

Candles are always cozy to have on hand as well.

 And guess who just had to come hang out by the fire with me? Here's Marlow just for you Karyn and David. This cat NEVER gives up till he gets whatever he's after!


Lastly, a surprise arrived today. Yea!! A box from Edible Arrangements! Yum!!!

Edible Arrangements

Here's the tag:

Thanks girls! We're proud to be your parents!!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Main Street Bethlehem, Burnet, TX

Last Friday I went along with five friends on an outing to Burnet, TX ( ) which has a population of about 6,000 and calls itself the Bluebonnet capital of TX. Burnet, which I'm told is pronounced Burn it, durn it!, is about 90 miles north of where I live in northern San Antonio.

We left around 3 PM and stopped at the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls. ( ) Oh my, oh my. Talk about good old Southern cooking!! And that fudge pie at the end. You'll just have to go and experience that for yourself!

After that meal our objective was to experience Main Street Bethlehem at the First Baptist Church in Burnet. Main Street Bethlehem was first opened in 1993 and has been up and going every year since. It starts the first Friday of December and runs for two weekends from 6-9 PM. It is obvious right away that this is a true labor of love for the church members. First of all, there is NO CHARGE! They want everyone to come and share in the experience. They dress in costumes and carry on as we suppose folks did at the time of Jesus' birth doing all the ordinary things people might have done in the town of Bethlehem.

Here are the 6 of us with one guy in line behind us sneaking into the picture like we brought him along! The guy behind me is the one brave male who came along with we 5 women!

Our group of 6 
Scenes from Main Street:

Cooking outside
Selling ducks and geese
Making butter and cheese

Bed maker

Blind beggar
Basket makers
Spinners and weavers

Bread makers gave samples
Grinding corn
Brass items for sale

Children playing a board game
Produce market
Turtledoves for sale

Basket cart
Leather workers 

Family at dinner
Old couple at home

No room at King David Inn

Getting close to the stable....


Cattle were lowing

And the highlight of all of Bethlehem....

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus complete with the bright star!
God's gift to us 

On our return trip we got to enjoy the Christmas lights along the way that it was too early to see before. WOW! The lights at the power company in Johnson City ( ) were amazing. I tried out the 'take your own photo' thing and did pretty well this time. I keep trying!

Lights in Johnson City, TX