Sunday, March 10, 2013

End of TBWA 2013

Everyone had to get up and going on the last day, a Sunday. Since hotels generally insist you check out by noon everything had to get loaded in the car before class started around 8 or 9 AM. Oy! Not everyone took a Sunday morning class but I like to take advantage of every single opportunity and it was worth it to me to put off the drive until I was more awake! Mornings are not my best time of day.

My class was Wire Weave Earrings with Tammy Fabian-Southard. This time the reed was left behind for wire! Here are the supplies to get started on this project:

Wire and a tiny mold for shaping 

Really, a huge magnifying glass would have been handy to have at the moment. Tired, barely awake and TINY were quite a challenging combination!! That didn't stop any of us though. We got started on the first earring right away.

Looking like a copper spider web

The above beginning was thumb-tacked onto our little mold and helped with turning up the sides and shaping the final product. Even with the wooden shaper it was still pretty slippery and more than a little hard to hang onto. Perseverance pays because I finally got the first earring done. Yea!

One down, one to go

With a five hour drive ahead Sherryl and I decided to get started. The second earring could wait till after we got home. Off we went back down that wonderful toll road with speed limits I had never before reached. Sherryl wanted to stop in West, Texas for kolaches. ( or ). Far be it from me to stand in the way of having a kolache! Yum! I hear there are two places in West (I was surprised to hear there is actually a town called West, TX unrelated to the area referred to as West Texas!)  to buy said pastries. We chose this place.

Kolache side trip
Door to happiness

This shop was a delight. There were so many choices that I had to take a whole big box home and decide later which to eat first!

It's always good to be home again but NOT fun to face the unpacking chore. Ugh!

Stuff to store

The next day I got to work on the other earring because only one earring does not make a pair!

It's a pair!

Hope you enjoy the photos. I sure enjoyed making all the baskets. Next time I'll show photos of random baskets throughout the conference.