Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another Trip to Muleshoe

I went to see my sister June at the end of September. At that time I didn't know if I'd ever see her alive again. It was a pretty tough trip. On November 7 hospice called to let me know that it would be likely that June could die any time. We couldn't get to Muleshoe until November 15th. I guess June was holding on until we could get there because we saw her late on the evening of the 15th and then she died just before midnight that night. So I did get to see her one more time. She couldn't talk to me but I got to talk to her!

The next day, Friday, we had a simple burial. Because of infection issues we wanted to have everything done quickly to minimize exposure to as few as possible. It was just Bob and me, the grave digger and the funeral director and his wife and my friend Tyrone. Tyrone and I were in the same High School class. I didn't know that he had been visiting and praying with my sister regularly. And never did I ever imagine that he would be with me at my sister's burial. Small town life is just wonderful that way in providing close relationships.

A simple burial

That evening we were blessed with a beautiful ending to the day....

Sunset in Muleshoe, Nov. 16

Saturday we worked on plans for a memorial and Bob and I went to my childhood home. Sad to say someone had recently broken into the house. It's been empty for a year now. I'm not sure why now but there you are. Boxes of stuff were upended making a pretty big mess. They took a small TV, a suitcase with a laptop inside, a dresser and a valet. We don't know how much other stuff is gone but my brother and I had already gotten most of what we wanted from the house. I'm looking around in my own house with new eyes. Why do we keep so much useless memorabilia?!

The memorial was Sunday, November 17th. I was happy to find out that there were people visiting my sister all along that I never knew about. I got to meet her hairdresser, fellow sorority sisters, church family and co-workers from Cannon AFB. People stood up and told about my sister. It was very personal. Again, small towns can be a big plus. Folks pitched in to make it a nice memorial.

My brother and me

Now it's just my brother, Clifford, and me left in my immediate family. He lives near Tyler, Texas. All we have left in Muleshoe is a house......and some good friends.

Gray home near Muleshoe


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  1. June is at peace now. There is a quiet beauty in that flat country, pretty skies. Mmh