Monday, May 27, 2013

Welcome Home

It's always a shock to look back at the date of the last entry when you've been lax for a while....a long while I guess! I just have not been in the mood to post. Maybe some sunny days will help soon. I sure hope so!

Meanwhile, we have been off to Florence, Italy but I'm still sorting photos. Instead I want you to see what we found on our patio! Little Momma has been busy, busy!

In the pot plant

Look at that nice little nest in the poinsettia plant! I would have totally missed it had I not noticed the momma bird flying in there. Closer inspection revealed....


....that there are four little eggs in there. I hope we are around to see when they hatch!! Here's an even closer look with a flash. I gave up after that. Don't want to scare momma away. That would be tragic!

Nicely done Momma Bird!

 Here's a blurry shot of the bird out of the nest.....

Momma Bird

Any guesses? I'm off to search the bird book!

Many blessings,


  1. Glad you're back! I've been checking this blog every couple day :)
    Jo Ann M.

  2. Me too (glad you're back!). I can't wait to see pictures from Florence. Brooke might be able to help identify the bird, I can't help with that!