Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An American 4th

Happy 4th of July

Okay....I confess I started celebrating a couple of days ago. Karyn took one look at our bathroom and the huge tub and wanted a bubble bath. We went shopping and got some handy dandy bubble stuff and just for fun grabbed several little packets of face mask. Mine was hot clay. It got hot for about 10 seconds and then slid around on my face like honey. I grabbed the only headband I could find which was the one Karyn found to wear when greeting Katie at the airport after her year in Pakistan. Voila!! A blog photo for the 4th!

Karyn is back home now and Bob is about to head to Wales for another silent retreat. He likes that stuff a lot. I get to enjoy a few more days with Katie before she heads off to DC and her new assignment, which is much less worrisome than her year in Pakistan. Hallelujah! There are always worries but some places are just inherently MORE worrisome.

Just for the record I highly recommend bubble baths. It was great fun and we should all relax this way much more often. The world might be much more peaceful!



  1. You girls are having way too much fun! Glad you are having some mom-daughter time with Karyn and Katie. Mmh

  2. Funny how Bob seems to go on these silent retreats after the Kiser women have gathered....hmmmm. :-) SO GLAD KATIE IS HOME SAFELY!!! My hat is off to her for her work under "stressful circumstances" to say the least. we had a great 4th with n'bors and fireworks with the boys. Miss you and glad to see you relaxing!

    love, TRC

  3. What I want to know is... How many of you were in the tub at the time? Have fun, girls. Wish you were here... Or I was there. Love ya, Pam

  4. Surely your skin must be wrinkled by now....?
    :-) TRC

  5. Ok, so what's going on Today?