Monday, July 2, 2012

BUSY Time For Me!

I know that I have been a really terrible blogger lately. All I can say is that I was so into getting stuff arranged in the house, retirement stuff, friends and family coming and going, more travels, worries about my sick sister, etc. that my energy for ANY thing was totally sapped. Now it's really hard to get back into the swing of things! goes....

Karyn came!

First of all, right after we moved it was Bob's birthday. Karyn surprised him by arriving in San Antonio and spending a few days with us. It was so nice to have her here in the new place! She got to suffer through the finishing of the floors.....

Dining room and entry before

New wood floors

Almost all of the carpet and tile were removed on the first floor and replaced with new wood floors or tile. Here's what the wood looks like now.

Kitchen with tile removed

Dining area

New kitchen tile

The kitchen had the pink tile seen in the above entry photo. We chose a larger 16" tile with black grout. The sales lady did all she could to talk me out of the black grout. I'm so glad I didn't listen because I think it is just the right color for the space. 8^) Later we plan to redo the whole kitchen with new appliances, counter tops, and back splash but that's a project for another day!

New master bath tile

  The bathroom had the same beige carpet as the dining room above. Carpet in a bathroom just does not make sense to me. It also does not go well with kitties' litter boxes so out it came. Yes, it's a giant bath and we love it. The huge closet is through the barely visible door in the center rear of the room. We have managed to have ALL our clothes in that closet so no more dresser in the bedroom! It has really worked out great and we love getting dressed all in the bath and closet area, and we can both get dressed at the same time unlike our former 1880s house. Yea!!!

While the wood floors were being finished and the tile was being installed I was working dead out the get EVERY thing into place and all the art work hung on the walls. We moved in May 11th and retirement was on June 15 with a party the night before on June 14th. I had one month to reach my goal before people started arriving from out of town. That is why the blog has been silent! Meanwhile, in the midst of all this madness Mother's Day came along and this arrived from my daughter, Ellen.

Lilies and Roses for Mother's Day

Many blessings till the next post,


  1. Glad to have you back, now my world has more balance! :-) Hard to tell from the photos perhaps, but the grout seems good to me....keeps you from having to clean red Kool-aid off the white stuff too! Glad to see Karyn's photo..when will she leave?
    Kudos to you for getting it all together in a month. AND NOW YOU WON"T HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN FOR A LONG, LONG TIME!!! I'm jealous.

    lots of love, TRC

  2. Missed your blog...glad you are back on track! Do you have a sewing room in the new house?

    1. I do have a sewing/craft room! It's always the last room to get straightened up in our house but it should be good to go soon....

  3. Gdine! I have been waiting for youto come up for air again! It looks wonderful... more photos, please. I have really missed being in touch with you via the photos and comments. Please give my love to the girls. BTW - you would HATE it here... highs in the 60s, and this is JULY!!!! Very cold and very wet. Love to you all, Pam

    1. I don't know, Pam.....if it gets like last summer I may head your way for a chance to breathe for a while! 8^) Wish you were coming back again this summer!!
      Mwah, gk