Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flamingos Have Flown!

Remember when we moved in here at Fort Sam Houston almost two years ago?? This was the 'airline bathroom' downstairs, the one that is so tiny one can use the toilet, wash hands and clean the mirror all at the SAME time.

Flamingo Bathroom

I know it's all just stuff but wow, stuff can make a difference!!

Flamingos Have Flown
It may just be stuff but it makes all the difference in the personality of a place! I'm am just itching to get everything all sorted out in the new place. First though, we have to get all packed up here. And workmen have invaded the new house......

Dining Room and Entry

Dining Room Today

The house had pinkish colored tile and a yellow toned carpet. For me the colors just did not work together! We have elected to replace all this with wood floors. Fingers are crossed that this all gets done _before_ the household goods arrive! We shall see.....

For now it's more than a little scary looking! And dust is everywhere. Bleah! More house cleaning to do. Sigh.....

Family Room

Family Room Today

Here's the family room yesterday......

 .....and today.

Even I am having trouble imagining the finished product!

Meanwhile this is what my car's thermometer said yesterday when I got home from the interstate:

After the drive.....

I realize it is much hotter on the road but still!! This is NOT good news! I fear we are having another doozy of a summer. Let just hope for overcast, mildly windy  packing and unpacking days!!



  1. Ah my have the strength of 10 because your heart is pure! This time next week we will be all packed in and settled. (Or maybe we'll just be surrounded by boxes...) YB

  2. You know you will be settled in in no time! We recently looked at a house with a bathroom about the size of your 'airline bath" and believe it or not the one we looked at also had a shower squeezed in there! What they can do with small (tiny) spaces :)

  3. The size of that bath room is frightening! I don't think I would fit. Can't wait to see what you do with the new digs. It's hot here too. Feel your pain.

  4. OK, thank goodness opposites attract, or you'd have cast me out long ago....I have to say I like the bathroom in the minimalist photo...I wish I only owned 3 things, but I haven't decided which 3 yet, so I'll have to keep the status quo!
    xxxooo, TRC