Thursday, May 3, 2012

Are You There?

I decided to just take out the time to sit and post something. Things are just crazy and may be getting crazier. That's how moves are, even local ones. I worked over two days and finally got the yukky out of the master closet and then put in all new shelving and hanging rods. I'm very pleased with the outcome!

Left Side
Right Side

Those shelves there are in the center of the closet and a rod goes from them to the wall with a shelf above. We decided to leave that as it would make a hole in the carpet if we took it out.....and they will be useful just like they are. So....double racks on the side walls with a few shelves thrown in and long stuff on the back wall with shoe racks below out of the photo's range.

There are more built in shelves to the right here that are just behind the closet door.

Man, I thought I'd never get to the end! Things sped up considerably once I went and bought my new electric screw driver. I love that new tool! Yea for power tools!!!

Every time I drove over to the house I took a car full of stuff. I'm taking things that are just easier to carry over and put away myself rather than having the movers pack them in a ton of paper that will have to then be all unwrapped and the packaging carried out. So...dishes not needed day to day, my spinning wheel, all the bathroom stuff except for what we are still using, laundry extras, plants and, because I worry about them getting smushed and/or warped, my baskets.

Honestly, I did not know I had so many. One entire car load was baskets!!! Some collected here and there and many that I have made in the last few years.....

More baskets
Even more baskets

What can I say? I just really love baskets!! I confess there were a few that we missed, too. Oh my....and I haven't even started on the basket weaving supplies......

So....this is what has been going on for me lately. This weekend we also have a crew putting in new wood flooring while we are over here with the packers. Tile will be installed the Monday after we have all our stuff delivered. This should be interesting to say the very least!

Meanwhile, I spent some time tracking down my sister. It turns out that she was transferred to a different hospital and couldn't find her phone charger. A cousin who lives pretty close to Lubbock checked in on her and went back to the first place and found the charger. Yea!! I hope this place can help her make some improvement. It's not looking too promising otherwise. Many thanks for all the inquiries and prayers offered. It is deeply appreciated!!

Off for a few hours sleep now. Mornings just come WAY too early for me!


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  1. OK, can't come up with a good "are you out of your gourd" post, but I'll be thinking! lots of love, Trc