Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My New Best Friends

Lydia, Alejandra & Jo Ann

Really, they were happy to be at my house! It's just that this was taken at the end of the first day of packing. They have been just wonderful and have even asked the company to be the ones to come and help me unpack stuff next week. Yea!!! No new names to learn. 8^)

I am so very grateful that we are provided a moving company. I cannot imagine the task ahead of me otherwise. I'm very hopeful that we don't have to do this again. Notice I said hopeful. I am married to Bob after all. He's never stayed anywhere more than seven years in his whole life. Back then he was asking to move to a house down the street to my resounding NO. Then he wanted to at least rearrange the furniture. That didn't fly either. We shall see.

Tomorrow the truck gets loaded and then Friday is delivery day. Saturday will be a nightmare of boxes and trying to clean up the dust from having the new floors installed, which is now going quite well according to Bob. I have not been over there to see.

Pray it rains AT NIGHT and stays dry during loading and unloading!!!! Given the drought I really can't ask for prayers for no rain. It's just too desperately needed right now.

Blessings around,


  1. hope that all goes well. I am sure that these ladies are nice, but I have to say that I am reminded of the many nice folks who have been at my house packing only to steal from us. Very pessimistic thought but true. I guess the old adage "trust everyone but cut the cards" rings true for me.
    praying for a dry and uneventful unload.


  2. Wow, you must be busy unpacking since you haven't updated. Thinking of you buried in all those boxes!

  3. OK, when are you coming back??? :-)