Friday, April 13, 2012

Belated Greetings!

I have been busy, busy this week. I have not been particularly productive but I have been on the go with meetings here, there and yonder and several luncheons and/or dinners. DH aptly tags all this as 'eating for our country' events. We do our best for you!! 8^)

I know I mentioned dyeing with osage but we didn't get much out of that batch. I think for a group our size we needed a LOT more osage.

Into the Osage Pot

Isn't it funny that Judith has on rubber gloves for the osage dye and the blue from the indigo is all down her arm? Of course, the gloves were for the boiling liquid and not to keep stains off her skin.

That fiber started out almost white and then turned this color....

Osage dyed

The rest of our week was spent madly finishing up dyeing, carding and spinning things we had started and then it was time to pack it up and go home. Here are a few favorite pics from the week....


Pretty ambitious tattoos here! I thought my youngest would particularly like that owl.

And I want some of these shoes just because!


Pluto RIP
Wool Care
It's an Austin, TX thing.

T-shirts sayings and such are always fun, especially in a creative group!

And then there were views around Mo's Ranch.....

To the Chapel

Chapel Interior
We walked past the chapel every day on the way to lunch. One day three of us stopped in and sang a couple of songs. The acoustics were great and it was a nice moment for me in the week. It was sunny and beautiful inside too!

Touch of red
Can you hear me now?!

I just like the composition and color combo with the fire hydrant.

We had touchy cell signals to say the least. I didn't even try unless I was near the wireless at the main office.

Foot bridge
This bridge was an alternate route to get to lunch if you didn't want to climb the chapel steps but several of the fiber ladies were scared to go this way because they could see the ground through the mesh. That didn't bother me at all and I really liked being able to see from up above. What I don't like is short walls, solid or not, where I get the feeling I could flip over them. We all have our own demons I guess!

There are more pics but this is getting long and I think I'll save them for the next blog post.


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  1. welcome back! I missed you....