Monday, April 2, 2012

Late Evening Day 2 of Spinning

I am typically a night owl and this one night I went downstairs to the kitchen for my drink and found some fun things around the room empty of spinners. A snapshot, if you will, of what went on that day. Shoes left behind along with drinks, tools and accessories, not to mention lots of fiber everywhere!

Spinning area

Black shoes

Lace scarf and tennies

Brown shoes


New Balance
Slippers and Dr. Pepper

Interesting little vignettes....

Felted tool bag 
Fancy orifice hook

Well used tool kit

Little llama charm

All the neat little personal touches.....

Next morning breakfast......check out that awesome sweater on Judith.

Chilly morning for coffee


Kitchen island

Okay...we're spinners not housekeepers!

Kitchen floor

Taking notes

 Learning to wash fleece.....

Turns out that original Dawn dish washing liquid is the way to go in cleaning fiber. Not Woolite, not special anything, just Dawn. Good to know! Judith buys HUGE bottles of Dawn. It really required the use of two hands.

And then more spinning.....SILK!! Yummy stuff!


Kim designs sweaters for the junior department of J.C. Penney. I grilled her every chance I got just to find out how her job works. Interesting. She also had three different types of silk fiber for sale. I had no idea about the multiple types of silk fiber....mulberry, eri and muga. I bought muga. It has a unique structure that prevents it from ever being dyed.

Alisha has a business called Alisha Goes Around. She brought along goodies for us to purchase. There was lots of fiber but also mugs, bumper stickers, bags and books.

Let me tell you, a little silk seems to go a LONG way! I got half of it spun and have the other half here at home waiting to be done up as well. A bit of silk lace may have to be in the knitting queue soon.

LOTS of pics today but I really liked the shoe pics. More fiber fun to come!!


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