Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Spinning Camp

I had tons of photos yesterday! I hope there isn't a limit on how many I can post in a year!!! Eeek! Not as many today....maybe. 8^)

A couple of evenings we had movies. What do a bunch of spinners watch together? Well, the first night we learned about indigo. It was really cold and I missed the end because I gave up and came inside to get warm. I can tell you that indigo is the only natural source of really blue dye in the world. How about that?!

All about indigo

Trying to stay warm

There were other relaxing activities as well....


Wine and fiber
There were two people giving massages during the week. Kristen gave me a head and neck massage. Quote from Kristen, "Boy you needed this!" I just look relaxed I guess.

I'm not a drinker but I love the wine photo with the fiber. That would probably be nirvana for some folks.
Next up........


Ball Moss

More lichen

What do lichen and ball moss have to do with spinning? Well.....a lot in our case. But I'll get into that tomorrow! Meanwhile just enjoy this spun fiber photo!

So much fun to spin fiber!!!



  1. Hi Dine, Pierce and I are enjoying the day's photos. He is home sick with cough (asthma).
    off to write more...

  2. Mom these fiber posts are making me smile a lot! Great to see you had an opportunity to spend time with folks who share your passion. <3