Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm least for today!

Wow! I had no idea it had been so long. People have been emailing to see what's wrong. Nothing except for busy-ness and laziness if I'm honest. It's been so long that Blogger changed their format. I hope this doesn't mess me up more than normally!

First off, we closed last Thurs. on our 'new' house. Here we are.......and so far it's the only white house I've seen in the neighborhood. Nothing like marking yourself right off the bat!

New Kiser abode

I like that the garage does not face the street and that the resulting driveway takes out a huge chunk of what could have been grass! Less mowing!!

I'm glad we have a new place to go to because while I was away at spinning camp the biggest tree in our yard disappeared!

Goodbye ash tree
Remember that tree limb that suddenly fell....well, the tree was deemed a goner and out it went. The remaining stump looks a lot bigger than the actual tree that was there. No more shade for this house. It's always sad to see a tree go. I'm glad I was not home to watch or even worse, listen to its demise.

Since we have changed our home of record to Texas that meant we also had to change our driver's licenses from Florida to Texas. Get this.....San Antonio has 1.5 million residents and FOUR, yes 4, offices to serve this purpose. Do the math! It's not pretty.....

Outer room.....
.....home stretch....

It felt a bit like Disney world but without the fun part. First you work your way around this outer room, then another smaller room and then you enter the end stretch. The appointment sign is just a joke. Pay no attention to that. We finally made it to a chair, yea, and then waited even longer to go into The Room With People to Give You a License! There are 11 stations with only FOUR people manning them. Huh?! Good grief. At any rate over 3 hours from our arrival we finally walked out with temporary licenses and the promise that the real thing would be in the mail soon. Of course, Bob's person arranged for him to have our new address but to send it to our present abode. MY person said 'nope, can't do that' so mine has the new address and will go to the new address before we even close on the house. Thankfully, the sellers were okay with this! BTW, I do have my new license now. Hallelujah!

On the way out I did get this nice photo of the one redeeming feature of the DL office, a blooming yucca!

Beautiful Blooms

I'll try to do better with posting....and I do have lots more to show you. A lot has happened in a short while!



  1. welcome back! TRC

  2. I can't wait to see the house in person! Love the placement of the garage, too. -karyn