Thursday, March 8, 2012

About the House

Everyone keeps asking about the house and why I have not posted it on the blog. I confess I feel a bit cautious about doing that as I really have no way to know who all is looking at the blog. I can track how many looks I get in each country and you'd be amazed! But I've decided to post some of my favorite things about this house. Keep in mind that our present home was built in 1880 and has some issues!

First of all I LOVE that the laundry room is IN the house and not out on the back porch! Also, this room is not a pass through to the garage. No worries about having clothes on the floor or hanging up. As you can see there is room for an extra refrigerator and a freezer too. Great for when we have a party or lots of company. We go through LOTS of Diet Coke! 8^)

Next, there is a huge master bathroom!
That's Dora, our realtor. What a great help she has been. I highly recommend her! This is only about half the space in there. There's another sink and a fairly long counter to the left. The open space behind the shower is the closet. There's a window in there and the opening at the top lets light shine into the whole room. We may actually be able to get ALL our clothes in this one closet!

The back yard is pretty small with NO grass to mow. There's only a small bit of grass out front. Woo hoo!!! This is about half area seen from an upstairs window. The present owners have a bunch of bird feeders out and there were all manner of squirrels and birds around. I love watching such creatures. And I'm thinking that corner over there might be just the spot for a hot tub. Hmmmm!

The leaded front door is just beautiful! And I just so happen to have some art work that will fit in that niche and the matching one out of range of the photo....

Lastly, lots of big windows letting in tons of light. This is important to me as I do not do well in a dark home. Seasonal Affective Disorder is REAL!

So there you have it.....a bit about the house which is not really ours yet. Hopefully all will be signed and sealed by mid-April. I'm hoping to make a few changes before we move in and then life becomes a giant 3-D puzzle for a while as everything finds a spot in the new place!



  1. Nice. How many BR? TRC

  2. Love the house pics! The laundry area is a definite improvement, and lots of light is a good thing. Poor tree, it is always sad to lose a majestic old tree. Mmh

  3. The house looks lovely! You will do a great job decorating it!