Saturday, March 3, 2012

Next Step

We got official word yesterday that Bob will be retiring this year. Even though we were really expecting to hear this it was still a bittersweet moment. We've been a Navy family for almost 38 years! It's a little scary to step out into the unknown, the next phase of our life. Retirement clenches the fact that we are getting old, not that my body has not already figured that fact out on its own!

Nevertheless, we have been preparing for this event and had already been out looking at houses. I really liked this one, he liked that one, etc. But there was one that we both liked. When this happens you have to go with it for sure, so we made an offer on that house today. Now for more waiting to see what they think of the offer.

After leaving the realtor's office (Dora has been just great, BTW!) we drove around a bit and found out some more about the neighborhood. Here are some of the things we found.....

Not one but......

TWO Starbucks!

Breakfast place for Bob

Navy Federal Credit's a sign surely!

But the best thing we came across today, without a doubt, was 
Pasha Mediterranean Grill!!!

A grand chandelier....

.....great food......

......and great company!


A GOOD day!



  1. I'll be coming to Pasha this year I hope. God has plans, we all just have to roll with them! Can't wait to see the new n'hood and best of luck with house-shopping,

  2. Congratulations to Bob on his upcoming retirement! Where is the house that you really love located (in the San Antonio area)? I was hoping you'd end up in the Columbia MD area. :) -Barbara S.

  3. I can't wait to see pictures of the new house! Congratulations to both of you....

  4. You made me miss Azars. Congrats again to the both of you!