Friday, March 30, 2012

Spinning Camp First Full Day

This camp followed my personal schedule really well. Wake up slowly, talk a bit if you like, wander around outside, have breakfast, ease into the day slowly. YES!!!

Here are some sights around our exclusive cabin that caught my eye the first morning starting with our cabin exterior.....

Post repetition 

 Down to the river....

Guadalupe River behind the cabin

Dam across the river....

Flowing water

The water was fairly swift after the previous night's rain and of course I had to play with the shutter speed to see how the water could look in the photos.....

Fast shutter speed
Slower shutter speed
Even slower shutter speed

I never get tired of trying this out!

More sights around the cabin....

Boats if you like
Turkey vultures

No one took the boats out because we were all too busy playing in the fiber!

These two turkey vultures perched on top of the huge water slide to sun their wings. At least I think that's all they were doing. I got closer and closer until one flew away. These are pretty big birds!

Class begins!

Judith, our intrepid leader
Out comes the fiber

Around 9 or so Judith called us all around and out came a fleece. Let the fun begin!!! The first fleece was Icelandic, a breed of sheep that has long fiber.....and tomorrow more fiber pics! 8^)


  1. always love to be near water...would've been in the canoe while you guys told yarns....


  2. I never even walked down to the river - should have! Mmh

  3. This looks awesome, Mom! -karyn