Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's This??!

This might help a bit.....

When I went to bed last night this was attached to a tree in front of our house.
 Sadly, it is now on the ground. I think this tree may be done for soon!

We had gusty winds but no more so than on many other nights. I'm just glad nothing was under there at the time. That would have been in the really bad box!

I spent four and one half hours today with a crew of inspectors for the house we want to buy. They were VERY thorough to say the least. My head was reeling with information before it was all done. Sheesh. The house is in overall great shape but like any building of about 20 years there are a few issues. Most I can live with but a couple of things need to be addressed before a sale finalizes. We'll see! 

I did meet the current owner. They are retired Air Force and they also have four daughters. How about that? 
I'm wipe out!!



  1. bummer for the tree, but good for someone's fireplace? Best of luck with the house stuff! Make sure there is room for me!


  2. When do we get to see pictures of the new house??