Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy Day

After a misty walk around Fort Sam Houston we headed to the Market in downtown San Antonio so Ta Yah could find some souvenirs to take home. What's a trip without taking back 'stuff', usually somewhat tacky stuff?! Before shopping though it was eating at Mi Tierra at the Market...

Bob, Ta Yah and Ellen

And dessert! Fried ice cream was totally new for Ta Yah....

Fried ice cream

After shopping, which got NO photos, we headed by the Alamo. How could we pass up the most visited spot in Texas? Only Ta Yah and I braved the rain. She got the fastest tour of the Alamo on record!!

Rain at the Alamo! We got soaked!

After returning home and drying out a bit we headed over to Michele's. She cuts my hair and agreed to give Ellen and Ta Yah both a trim. We all had a fun time visiting and playing with the two dogs, Shiloh and Scooter.

I like it!

Then back home to Ta Yah's first ever meal in an American home. Wow! Bob did a fine job feeding us!!

Dinner at the Kiser's!

What a privilege to have Ta Yah in our home. Talking with her about her life has certainly made us much more aware of all that we have. It's good to be reminded of so much that we take for granted every day.


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  1. Love the photos of the dinner---great colors. wish i was there to share! Got a photo of Brenda at Jan Z's eating pancakes last nite. I had JUST been thinking of those days last week.
    Finishing a midterm today and starting research for a paper on the effects of the nursing shortage on elder care. Fun!
    #1 son is now a Star Scout, then Life Scout, then Eagle. He is so proud of himself! #2 son is still a soccer star.....
    miss you!