Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More on Day 1

The threatened storm finally arrived complete with some pretty large hail. I haven't seen hail like that since I was a kid. Thankfully the hail didn't last long and everyone's car came out okay. I tried to get a photo but it was just too dark out. This was the best I got.....

Mostly rain but it hailed some too

Not to be outdone by mere rain and no teacher everyone got busy on various projects.....

Barefoot works best!

Spinning on a charka

In the pink

 That box-like spinning apparatus in the photo above is a charka (not to be confused with chakra) which was touted by Mahatma Gandhi in India. In fact, there are photos of him spinning cotton on one. I have not tried spinning on one but maybe someday. Here's a YouTube link to a lady spinning on one:

Some ladies chose to knit:

Golden lace

Multicolored lace

Lace is generally no small endeavor. I'm not crazy about lace knitting because it requires total concentration from me with NO talking and NO television. You see the problem for me!

White lace

One lady was working with a really cool drop spindle!

Drop spindle with bling

Around it goes

The bling looked pretty cool!

Last of all the teacher finally made it!

And she brought this really awesome batch of fiber she dyed herself. We had a drawing and everyone got to choose a skein. I got the one at the top left corner of the rug, blue and tan. Yea!! More fiber to spin!!! (No worries about that empty spot. The fiber reappeared. I think someone was getting in some close inspection time and maybe a bit of drooling!)

You can never have too much fiber!

And that's Judith's own woven rug. I'm not even discussing weaving!



  1. Glad you got a pic of the fiber lid out - I liked that! Mmh

  2. I like the one of the spinning bling. REminds me of Liz Taylor, since her bling MUST have been spinning in the revolving door of husbands.
    See how weird my mind is?
    xxxoo, TRC

  3. I would never know how fascinating this was if it wasn't for you.