Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spinning Camp Day 1

The first evening we were all busy making our own little 'nest' area. Our mentor, Judith, was held  up in a travel glitch but not a problem. Wheels got set up and fiber galore appeared.

Vendor table

More shopping

Vendor tables were set up too. We used the honor system....take what you want, write it down on a list and pay before you go home, sort of the old fashioned idea of running a tab.

Spinning variations

It didn't take long for us to get down to business! Notice that all four spinners here have a different spinner. There are tons of variations and it was neat to get to see them all in action. The one with the orange fiber is using an electric spinner!

Spun single

Here we have a nice red and green mingled fiber on a bobbin.  Below the flyer is twirling around the bobbin. That's how the fiber gets twisted into a single....one strand of spun fiber.

Flyer in action
Yellow single

The flyer has hooks spaced across on each side. As an area fills with spun fiber the spinner must move the fiber from hook to hook. At right you can see that this spinner is on the 4th hook. There are some flyers designed to move along gradually eliminating the 'grouping' effect.


Paul is the SO (significant other) of Karen, the main organizer. He came along to help out, fetch forgotten items and just to visit. He was only around during the days. It's obvious that he thoroughly enjoys being an eccentric and I got a kick out of visiting with him on a number of topics. And this is one of my favorite photos ever!

 Everything seemed to me to be off to a pretty good start even without the 'teacher' around to get us working! More on our first evening in the next post.....



  1. love the flyer in action. I am glad to have your photos back...I'm working on a paper about sex offenders in nursing homes and I can use a break from some of the more brutal realities of life. Tell Dr. Bob I miss him.


  2. It was fun to see all the different wheels! Mmh