Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Quadrangle Visit

Last Sunday we went to church, drove by the potential house, ate at Pasha's (mmm, mmm, mmm!) and then came home in time to head over to the Quadrangle, the oldest structure on Fort Sam Houston, built in 1876. We wanted Ta Yah to have a chance to see the animals there. We took carrots along to bribe the animals into coming as close as possible.

First we fed the deer....

Enticed by carrots

Ta Yah braved the deer

Even Bob came along!

On to the peacocks..... 

Up close to the peacock 

 This was pretty special as Ta Yah remembers her dad making things with peacock feathers but she had never seen a peacock in real life, just heard the description. I think it brought back special memories of her dad who died shortly after they came to the US. I'm so happy we got over to see the peacocks!

Baby albino
All grown up now

Three in a tree

And the ducks & geese....
Asleep in the street

Nap time

And finally the chickens.....

Brave enough to come really close.....

Who knew chickens would eat carrots!

And good friends!

Ta Yah and Ellen by the Clock Tower



  1. how close are the peacocks and hens? Can you hear them holler? great photos! TRC

  2. We can hear the peacocks from inside the house!! They are so loud.

    Mom I'd already passed around your blog in my office a few days ago! This addition might merit a resend... :)