Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bunco Tuesday

Morning Skyline

Yesterday I went out to get the paper and saw the morning light glowing on the downtown buildings. I wish the photo was more sharply focused on the buildings. This is something I need to work on instead of just letting it happen. Pictures can be a lot better with a little more thought put into them! My excuse is that it's chilly in the mornings. Ha!

As usual I took too long looking at the paper and eating breakfast and getting dressed so I showed up late to our spouse's club board meeting. I'm only an advisor and cannot vote so it's not too bad to not be there. An interesting side note however.....our web site has been getting hits from Russia and Ukraine. Hmmm. We think it might be that someone over there is looking for a spouse! No, we are not that kind of Spouse's Club!!

My day ended with Bunco. We play once a month and everyone always looks forward to the evening. We go all out and act goofy and have a great time. There were some new members and one that I attention now, it gets complicated.....she is married to a Marine whose brother is in the Navy. The Navy guy's wife was my daughter Katie's best friend in 7th grade back in College Station, TX. I just love chance meetings like that!

I did lousy at Bunco. I rolled snake eyes three times and lost all the score for my partner and myself. But wait! She who rolls the most snake eyes gets a this case $29. Isn't Bunco a great game? You can lose and still win!!

Right Center Left

We always end Bunco evenings with a grand game of RCL....Right, Center, Left. I think I've explained before but here we go again.....everyone gathers around a table (we put several together to accommodate all of us) and each of us places 3 $1.00 bills on the table in front of us. We take turns rolling these die. R-pass one to the right, L-pass one to the left, C-place in the center and it goes out of play, Dot-you keep the dollar. It gets pretty rowdy and superstitions pop up all over the place. We keep going around until only one person has a dollar left and they are the grand winner. Here's the winner of the WHOLE POT last night....

The lady in the background is our intrepid organizer and she is one of the funniest people I know here. A good choice for our fearless leader. There were 23 people playing. You do the math! Oh...and the tiaras...we dressed up for the New Year. I wore my tiara that lights up. Who knows what the theme will be for next time! Another great day.

Blessings all around,


  1. That's funny about running into Becky's sister-in-law (if I'm following the familial connections correctly). I trust that you made her feel at home. :)

  2. what I want to know is how you figured out the whole connection back to Ellen!
    xxxooo, TRC

    1. Well....not to Ellen but to Katie. 8^)