Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not A Basket!

I decided to give you a break from baskets today. Yeah....I thought you might be glad to see something else for a while! It rained one day during the conference and even though I really don't like gray days I did not complain. We need the moisture in the very worst way and it was more of a misty rain so we didn't even need umbrellas. All good things. I was on my way to fetch something from my room and I stopped and checked out this cactus. It looked interesting with the water dripping down. I really was wishing I had the time to change lenses and get closer but this was it at the spur of the moment.....

Totally an accident but the blue car up there in the first photo is mine. You can never plan such things! The sculptural quality of prickly pear always attracts my attention. God is quite an artist!!


  1. why/when a new car?

    1. Got a Toyota Matrix in Guam. Bob sold it to one of his staff in Hawaii and I got another the same color when we moved to Fort Meade in 2007. I love this car....small on the outside, big on the inside. 8^