Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hawaiian Art

It's hard to believe that I took these photos FIVE years ago! Time just keeps slipping by. I was on an outing with our spouse's group and this just happened to be nearby. I'm so happy I didn't miss it. I'll start with a wood bowl. I think it might be carved from palm wood because of the long lines in the wood. The artist did a fabulous job of shaping and finishing the bowl. Imagine getting that out of a palm tree!

Now for a different medium. I love the shapes found in this piece. Sculpture is three dimensional and should look appealing from all sides. It's sad when sculptures are pushed up against a wall as they can no longer be fully taken in from every angle. I wish you could walk all around this one!

Oooohhhh, I've saved the best for last! Why is it the best you ask? Well, because it brings you back to weaving and basketry! Sorry, I could not resist. This piece has tapa cloth on the top which is made by islanders pounding bark into paper thinness. The lower part is woven of inflorescence which is the branch of a palm on which small flowers grow. I'm not sure about the rust color weavers. They are either dyed reed or some sort of covered wire. I can't tell here and I can't remember. I love that color though! Isn't it cool how someone can pick up just about anything and make something out of it?!

This walk down memory lane makes me want to sign up for an art class! Sigh.


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