Sunday, January 22, 2012

Texas Basket Weavers Association Conference

TBWA 2012

What have I been doing lately? WEAVING BASKETS and meeting LOTS of new friends who also weave baskets. It all started Thursday afternoon. I didn't have a Sunday class so I finished on Saturday at about 9:30 PM. It was really great to be immersed in something I love and have everyone around me doing the same. Would you believe that this group got organized, had multiple photos taken with three different cameras in under 5 minutes and then got right back to weaving?!! It's true!

We elected officers......

TBWA Officers 2012-13

We ate together.....

We made baskets together....

Best of all, we made friends......

I'm exhausted, my neck hurts, my hands are raw and tender but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact the next meeting of TBWA will be in January of 2013 in Mesquite, TX. Come join in! Information will be available here:


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  1. Looks like fun. I thought I had you in my account. I'm still learning how to do all this. Hopefully I won't miss another day!