Friday, January 6, 2012

More Tree Ornaments

Every year I try to make more  ornaments. I like having handmade things that are unique. And I just like making stuff, but you probably already figured that out.

 I did the needlework on a set of these. Each of them has a different design. It's nice to have something not red or green for a change and the color grading makes the designs really nicely shaded.

Katie made this ornament back when we lived in College Station, TX. Something that doesn't show in the photo is that on the back there's a bit of the Bluebell Ice Cream logo. Everything about it says TEXAS! I love it and I love that one of my kids made it. Is it my age or is Christmas all about the memories for most people? When I'm REALLY old will such things still have a lot of meaning for me? Hmmm.

So....this is the blog I've been working on. Let me know what you think. Font too small? Hard to read? Etc! I know two people who objected to the whole blog thing but I like the idea of people choosing whether they see it or not. If you want a reminder maybe I could send an email with the link but really, that sort of defeats the purpose of the blog.

Windy and sunny today. The sun part is just what I love every day! Hope it's sunny where you are!


  1. Nice work, Mom! I still remember making that ornament -- it was 4th grade.

  2. It looks great! Maybe I will dust off my old blog and start writing againl

  3. Of course I love it! It looks fabulous. Sticking you in the reader now.

  4. You are brilliant, my love. You have mastered the art of the weblog!!!

  5. Love a follower! I think it looks great!

    1. I love looking through the ornaments my kids made over the years each time i open the box of holiday stuff...