Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Trip to Comfort

Friday at my Weight Watchers meeting another lady had knitting with her. As we were chatting about our projects she mentioned that she planned to visit The Tinsmith's Wife, a shop in Comfort, TX. "Ooooh! I've heard of that shop! I'm told it's the _best_ shop in this area of Texas. I plan to get there someday soon." After the meeting my fellow knitter invited me to join her on Saturday. Heck, yeah! I'm in!!

Not only did I get to have a wonderful shopping experience, I also got a chance to get to know my new friend much better. She teaches ESL (English as a Second Language) and she is a weaver. Unless you are a confirmed fiber nut you can't understand how great it is to find a person with a similar addiction.

The Tinsmith's Wife

This is just one of many areas in the shop. It is definitely a fiberholics dream. Plus, the owner and her parents are really friendly and extremely helpful in finding just the right yarn and pattern. Friendly service counts for just as much as all the fiber in the world!

Another plus for me, a dedicated animal lover, is the presence of kitties in the shop. I hear there are two in residence but only one was there for me to love on. This one is named Noro, which is also a brand of wonderful yarn from Japan. In fact, don't tell, but I brought home a bit of Noro yarn. Shhh!

I should add that Comfort is a tiny town about an hour from San Antonio. It's just the right distance to have a nice visit. The town itself is FULL of antique shops and a few nice little cafes along with a handful of other places to check into. I certainly want to go back more than once and poke around in all those other shops! Let me know if you want to come along!


  1. Mom I love the format you have going here! It's nice to look at. I especially appreciate how the photos are set up with their captions. You have a natural gift for aesthetics! :)

    Also, if there is a chance to pet cats, I'm into visiting Comfort! Think I could find some shops full of cross-stitch patterns?

  2. I thought you would like The Tinsmith's Wife. They have such a variety of yarn in a relatively small space. Mmh