Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Basket Shots....not the athletic kind!

The lady on the right sat next to me in this class. Would you believe she has a daughter who is in her late 40s??! And she does NOT color her hair. I was totally amazed. Nice lady too....married to a retired Navy Chief!

A triangular basket, now that is different. Once the rim is attached it will straighten up nicely. It would be a good basket for an unused corner in your house.....

Two of my unfinished baskets. The little one has a lid so I have to be careful to end up with the right size opening AND it has to be round. If it gets too hard for me I can always lose the lid! 8^) The bigger basket is pretty neat. It's totally new for me, using two handles. The X-ing on the handles is really sharp looking. When the handles are finished I can apply the rim and then there will be light pieces inserted to make a pattern on the sides of the basket.

I know some of you are itching to make a basket. Just do it!!!


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