Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random Photo From the Past

Since I figure you might be over the whole Christmas thing I've searched through my archives for photos that I think just look sort of interesting for no particular reason.

This tree was in Williamsburg, VA. Imagine all the things that happened to cause this tree to be so gnarly!

Here's the same tree casting an interesting shadow. So, so many questions I would love to ask the tree!


  1. You did it! I'll need to remember to check your blog each day - these are great pictures, especially your family photo. This is my first comment on a blog so I hope you can read it. -Barbara Streckewald (bstreck)

  2. Love the blog G-dine! I will check it often.


  3. Excellent blog, Mom! You've inspired me...

  4. So now I can leave a comment. I love this blog. It's much easier for me to get the pics. Thanks for keeping me up to date with your life. JoAnn L.

  5. Is it just me, or does it look like someone tied knots in that tree periodically?
    Makes me want to plant a tree and tie knots in it! Whaddya think? Willow? Pine?