Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quadrangle Revisited

Visiting the Quadrangle never grows old for me. I love the animals and the atmosphere that is created within the walls of the surrounding buildings. I still don't get the reason for the fake bird in the middle of the pond. Who needs fake with all these other nice birds all around? I don't know if the deer ever come to the pond. I've never seen them near it.

Quadrangle-Fort Sam Houston, TX

Only certain things are allowed to be fed to the animals. Carrots are one of the allowed foods. I can't remember all the 'no' list but I do know popcorn is one of them. No idea why not. But the birds even love the carrots. I would never have thought of giving carrots to geese, ducks and peacocks!

Goose Gobbles Carrot 

If you make it to Fort Sam Houston I hope you visit the Quadrangle. It's worth the trip!

Super Saturday!


  1. Who is the brave woman with the goose???

  2. I really want to visit the Quadrangle on my next visit! Mmh

  3. Oh Geraldine, this was one of my most favorite places to take Caleb and Charis when they were younger. They just loved feeding the deer from their hands. The Quadrangle also used to have rabbits...until the hawks discovered they were easy targets. Thankfully my kids were never traumatized by a snatching:}