Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy Tuesday....

...busy for me anyway. I had a luncheon to attend where I won a 'complementary fitness consultation and workout'. The world is conspiring to make me get some exercise! Later a haircut with my friend Michele which always turns into a visit way beyond styling my hair. Then when I got home there were boxes on the porch. Now I have this.....

Eee Pad

Not an I-pad but the Eee Pad Transformer. It's a whole new learning curve for me. Words with Friends is in there SOME where. I just have to find it. This may take a while.

Meanwhile here is a fun picture for the day. I may have sent this one before but I'm not sure. See....if I had been blogging all along I could look back and see! Ha! 8^)

Bathroom View
This was our bathroom in Portsmouth, VA. I loved the reflection of the rug in the knob. If you look closely I am there in the knob three times. Nifty!

Good night all,

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