Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursdays are for Basket Weaving Class

Most Thursdays I'm at the Warrior and Family Support Center (WFSC) teaching a basket weaving class. WFSC is a facility wholly built and supported by privately donated funds. This is so unique that it got a visit from Michelle Obama and Jill Biden last year. I guess they wanted to see how this was all accomplished since they are working on the whole family support issue for the military. Wounded warriors quite often are here for a year or two during rehabilitation. WFSC is sort of a community center for them and for their families. It gives them a place to hang out and feel normal for a while after being in a hospital setting so much of the time.

I haven't had students for a few weeks but today this lady showed up. She's taken one class before. Her husband watched for a while and I offered to get him started on a basket but he declined. After a while though he was the one weaving and she was helping him. There are some people who just have to get their hands in there and try it. Naturally, I can understand this since I'm definitely in that category. No surprise there!

Here's a detail of my latest finished basket. It was done back in November but a nasty cold, Thanksgiving and then Christmas derailed getting pictures taken and posted. I think I showed this one in progress (A reason for starting the blog. I could look back and see what I had posted!!) so I wanted to show how it ended up.

Flamingo basket detail

From above
From the bottom
Stitch detail
 You can see that the basket started with a ceramic flamingo base that I purchased on Etsy, a great source for handmade items. And I have been trying and trying to get my photos arranged next to each other. Now I've done it and I have NO IDEA how it happened. I'm really hoping I will stumble around and repeat the action and then remember _how_ it happened. If you know feel free to leave instructions in the comments!

Several people have emailed and asked about leaving comments. Be assured that you do NOT have to sign up for gmail or start a web site or any of those things. There's an Anonymous choice when you leave a comment. No one has to know who you are but it would be really nice if you left initials or a first name so I might know who said something. I'm trying! gk

Finished Flamingos


  1. What a great basket - and to share your talent by teaching folks who visit the WFSC is wonderful! -Barbara S

  2. And i thought you said no more flamingos? Very beautiful, TRC

  3. Replies
    1. you have a wonderful flair for making your baskets unique, Geraldine! I love the little curls on the top of this one! thanks so much for posting it for us! I love to see what people do with my basket bottoms. Come see me again at !