Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Great News!

Chief Lambing is in the Air Force and was the first person to enter Trailer A to work at Medical and Education Training Campus (METC ) arriving a couple of months before RDML Kiser (Bob). He is the most senior of all the enlisted personnel working at METC and has done great work. METC is established now and many of the 'founders' will be moving on to new assignments. Chief Lambing found out that he is going to be the new USAF SG/CMEF Translation: He will be the top enlisted medic for the entire Air Force and he will be working with the Air Force Surgeon General in Washington, DC. Way to go Kevin!!!! We are SO proud of you!

Here's Kevin as I know him best......

Kevin Lambing
We are fortunate to work with some really great people here at Fort Sam Houston.

Blessings today,

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  1. Congrats CMSgt Lambing! What a great assignment!