Monday, January 9, 2012

More Comfort

Comfort has the look of many places in the area with older buildings built of the beautiful local stone blocks. This stone just says San Antonio to me. I would really love a house made of this yellow stone, however I think I'd like that home to be much newer than the one we live in now!

Here's one example from Comfort. It's located at the corner of Seventh and High Streets. I'm wondering if the red brick was original or added later. The door says 'Comfort Heritage Foundation'. Sadly, I did not read the historical marker. I'll have to check into that on my next visit.

 This hanging pot just needed a wicked witch to show up and start stirring a brew in it. Comfort has items like this scattered all over town. Really, it's best to get out and walk around instead of checking out things from the car.

And who doesn't need an outhouse in the back yard?! This one looks like it may actually be authentic. What fun! I guess it might take a bit of exploration to find one of these that was usable as yard decor, huh?

Happy Monday!


  1. That outhouse is definitely authentic! My grandparents, who lived in Cason TX, had one just like this one (only it wasn't painted red).

  2. i miss the photos in my inbox, but I guess I'll try to get used to the new system. You get kudos for entering the age of blogs! the girls are a good influence, admit it :-)