Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday is for Rest

It doesn't always happen but I really try to have Sunday be a relaxing day, especially once we get home for the day. It's gray and overcast out so that pretty much puts me half to sleep right there! It's 'curl up with a book and hot chocolate' weather.

Yesterday we got to attend a Change of Command for a Navy Reserve Unit. We don't get to go to very many Navy functions here on the Army post so it was a delight to see all the Navy uniforms. I will always contend that Navy's uniforms are just the best of all military uniforms!!

Boatswain's Call

I love the Boatswain's Call which is unique to the Navy. The 'pipe' is a tiny instrument and doesn't show in the picture but it's there in that guy's hand. Being 'piped aboard' adds so much to the whole ceremony.

Color Guard enters
National Anthem
Preparing to exit

Check out the spats on those uniforms. Way cool!!

Command has transferred

The parents of the outgoing Commanding Officer (CO) were at the ceremony, the first they have ever been able to attend. The CO is one of the older of eleven siblings and not too many folks want to be responsible for that many kids! Kid #9 sat by me and I had a nice visit with him. I think all eleven are grown up now. I'm wondering how the parents feel about their empty nest after all those kids being around.

Off to relax now!!! Enjoy your Sunday evening,

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