Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mexican Pottery

Various pots  

My friend and I did visit one shop which wasn't even open. The owners were reorganizing the shop but they kindly let us explore anyway. Comfort is just that kind of place!

Having worked in clay a bit I am naturally fascinated with any sort of pottery. I immediately want to pick it up, test how it's weighted and check out how the bottom or 'foot' is done. These pieces are mainly done by one or two potters in Mexico just south of the US/Mexico border. I can tell you that the work in all of these is just exquisite. The owner offered to set one aside for me but the tiniest little pot that would fit in the palm of my hand was about $100, and well worth it, but I'd just been to the yarn shop.......didn't need to make that kind of investment right now! Besides, the pots I really liked were in the $500 and up range. Ouch! So....I took photos instead. Just for the record, I got permission first. ALWAYS ask when photographing art work!

Classic Black

The monochromatic finish (all one color) on this pot is classic.The shiny area is not a glaze but is accomplished by burnishing with some sort of smooth tool when the clay is leather hard, that is, firm in it's shape but still unfired. You could use a rock, the back of a spoon, anything that is smooth and harder than the clay. It takes a bit of muscle and a lot of care to not break the pot! In this case I think they added colored slip (liquid clay) to make the matte areas but it may just be the unburnished fired clay. It's about 5" in diameter and 7" or 8" tall.

Geometric design

This little pot was about 4" in diameter. Smoothly finished, nicely rendered design. The lines are certainly colored slip added after burnishing.


Cute little butterflies are not really my personal taste but this one was nicely done as well. It's only about 2" across and fit right in the palm of my hand. Yes, I just had to pick them up. 8^)


The 'fish' pot is far and away my favorite. The unusual shape appeals to me immensely and it is very well done. It's one thing to make a round pot perfectly shaped but much harder to elongate the circle evenly and symmetrically. And MUCH more expensive to buy. I'll just hang on to the photo.

And I hope this gives you a little more of an appreciation for handmade pottery. Thanks for sticking with me and have a great evening. I'm off to bunco tonight myself. It's always a fun, fun time!


  1. With every post, I'm falling more and more in love with this new venue! What I noticed today is that it is SO helpful having the photos NEXT TO the text instead of smushed at the bottom of an e-mail. It will make people more likely to read the text, as well as allow you to post more pictures without it feeling overwhelming to your audience. I'm so happy you made this transition, Mom! And this pottery is fantastic!! I love it!

  2. i made it back! I'll miss the personal news of the POTD! :-( Tyler