Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bunco and RCL-Woo Hoo!!

Last night was our monthly Bunco gathering. It's a fun group and I try to never miss the meeting. Typically, I pay little attention to the actual game. I'm there to visit and have a good time. Like any gambling game there are few winners so I figure my money to play is just an investment in a good time. And that's exactly what I got last night.

This group likes to have a theme and last night's theme was RODEO. Even though I'm from Muleshoe, TX I don't own rodeo clothes like boots and cowboy hats. I thought about just going in regular clothes, which is fine, but then I hit on the idea of being a rodeo clown. Yes!! Easy to do!

Right, Center, Left

I need to add, though, that the Right, Center, Left game came after Bunco. RCL is an investment of $3.00. And you got it.....I still talk right through the whole affair. But much to my surprise I WON!!! That was a big surprise to me for sure. And now I have $69 to enjoy coming months of Bunco and RCL fun. Yea!!

I won, I won!!!



  1. It's about time that you won - love the picture! I wish I could play that game somewhere/sometime. It sure sounds like fun.