Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still More Rodeo

There are lots of events at a rodeo. Here we have Team Roping. The idea is for one cowboy to lasso the horns and the other to get the back feet. The calf won in every instance. I don't know how they ever do it. It looks nigh unto impossible!

The One That Got Away

Next up was Bronc' Bustin'. These guys are nuts. It looks spine jarring not to mention you could get trampled by a horse!

Kickin' Bronc'

Still Hangin' On

In the Air

 This guy was still hanging on when the buzzer sounded but that isn't the only thing that determines the winner. The rider gets a score and then there's a score for the ride the horse gave and they are added together. It's much more complicated than I ever thought!   

More Visitors
 And then more folks came along from the rodeo people and this time they were bearing a wonderful gift. It's a blanket embroidered with this year's logo. And it's a warm blanket too. I've already tried it out. 8^)


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