Saturday, February 4, 2012

What IS that stuff?

So....while Denver was socked in yesterday with massive amounts of snowfall we were awaiting fairly warm stormy weather. Around midnight last night we had tons of thunder and lightning and then it looked like this:

Out back of our house

Back door overhang

Front door view

I could hear hail hitting the window now and then but we were fortunate that it was only a bit and not that big. Thank goodness!! I went off to bed after it all died down and then it started again around 3:30 AM. Even I am not crazy enough to get up and take photos at that time of day!! This morning it rained some more but without the wind....

Saturday morning

You can see the paper still out on the sidewalk. I waited for the rain to stop before going out to get it! As a side note see that big white house across the way? It's a bed and breakfast called Bullis House Inn. I've never talked to anyone that has stayed there but I did find out that it was built by General John Lapham Bullis who served 4 years in the Union Army. Later he was instrumental in capturing Apache Chief Geronimo. Read about it here: It is amazing to be constantly surrounded by such historic places and events!


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