Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The National Intrepid Center of Excellence included this labyrinth in their building. I didn't get to walk the pathway but I really did not want to leave this room. I love all the light and the airiness of the place. They had soft forest sounds playing including what sounded like distant bird chirping. I'm not a music lover so it was really nice to find a place that used something other than human music for background. It was altogether totally relaxing.

NICoE Labyrinth

Another view

Isn't it funny how most everyone stood around the edges? I guess we didn't want to mess it up somehow!

Small labyrinths

The small labyrinths were on a
bench. I sat down and traced
them. Nothing magic happened
but I was able to enjoy the
design and imagine walking
the bigger labyrinth.
Fun stuff!


  1. I haven't walked a labyrinth in a while, but they are very peaceful. I'm glad you got a tour by Tom Degraba, he is such an amazing advocate for the work they are doing there.