Friday, February 3, 2012

George Washington Masonic Memorial

During some of the Surgeon General's Spouse's conference (Can you have two possessives in one sentence like that? I guess you can because there they are!) this was the view out the window of our conference room. It's in Alexandria, VA and all I knew about it was that Bob's dad took him there to go sledding when he was a little kid. Bob did some checking and came up with this site: Check it out. It's pretty neat. Now I want to go back and check it out. Maybe some day.

George Washington Masonic Memorial

Big storms brewing all around us with lots of thunder and lightning. There are flash flood warnings out.....should be an interesting night! And how strange is this......Denver got 18" of snow today and I had my AC on because it got so hot in the house!! Weird, and it worries me about what sort of summer we might have coming up. Yikes!!!


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