Monday, February 27, 2012

Patti's House

Saturday I attended a wedding shower held at my friend Patti's house. I find homes where people have added their own personal touches and choices to be the most interesting of all. Sure, the HGTV perfect places are beautiful but they don't have the personality or interest for me that real people's homes do. Patti's home has personality plus!

Isn't this a wonderful silhouette of plants? I love the graphic quality it has. All those pots are carefully selected McCoy pottery.

Patti has kept to strict parameters forming a cohesive grouping.

McCoy planters

Now for a really cool lamp shade covered in buttons. It casts a warm glow and bring up memories of my mom sewing and all that entails. Even if you didn't have a mom that sewed it still makes you think of home and hearth.

Button lamp 

And then another sort of light altogether, a really modern one that is fascinating to me. I love ultra modern things as well as the old nostalgic things. Apparently Patti does too!

Neat light fixture

Family photos hang on the wall under this light and nearby are these wonderful shoes sitting on a shelf. I'm not sure who wore them. It's fun to imagine a new mom proudly slipping them on to her baby's little feet.

Oriental jacket

There's a photo nearby showing Patti's mom in this jacket which makes the whole vignette that much more meaningful. What a neat memory to keep. Here's a detail of the couched silver thread sewn onto the fabric. What a massive amount of needlework in this piece!

Detail of couched thread

Best of all Patti has a very eclectic taste in art and she has lots of original art all over her house. Here are two selections that show just how varied her choices are.

More traditional

More modern

I know these things don't look like they should be all in the same house but Patti makes it all work nicely together. I'm so happy to have a friend like Patti!



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  2. Patti's house is amazing! I especially love the "button" lampshade!! *SO CUTE*

  3. ok, i want to know what comment was removed!

    1. Ashok Sen is some sort of realtor and basically had a comment geared toward that and nothing to do with the blog itself. I think maybe it just posts on anything that has 'house' in the title.