Saturday, February 11, 2012

RODEO San Antonio Style!!!

I secretly wanted to go to the rodeo but I figured Bob would never buy the idea so I didn't even bring it up. What a nice surprise when he came home with free tickets! The San Antonio Stock and Rodeo Show honored the military Friday night. We were the fantastically fortunate recipients of tickets for box seats up top and center. I have never been up in the box seats and didn't really have any idea what they were like. Let me tell you, it was GREAT!! There was plenty of food and drink. Jo met us downstairs and handed us off to another lady who took us straight up to our seats, no having to figure out anything at all. Everyone was so incredibly gracious.

This girl from Muleshoe, who has hardly ever been near a horse, loved seeing all the animals and hearing the 'country' talk. Yee Haw!!!

Jo met us

Up top and center
 Jo is a little blurry but I was concentrating on her bling. Every year there's a new emblem issued and she was wearing all of hers. This year it's the words San Antonio with the S shaped like a hat.   Check out that food there by Bob. It was yummy!

Opening moments

Stupid me did not think to charge my camera battery during the day. It was about gone so I was lucky to get any pictures at all! I did manage to get a few though. 8^) Check out Bob in his Navy 'aquaflage' uniform during the opening. All the top military were introduced and then this guy did an extra fine job with the Star Spangled Banner. I don't think I've ever heard a guy sing that song at a public ceremony!

Lotsa Horses!
The palomino horses have real silver saddles. Talk about bling! They were really flashy!

Rear Admiral Kiser's Introduction

Star Spangled Banner

I have lots more but that's probably enough for now. Gotta get all I can out of this. After all, how many times does a girl get to go to the San Antonio Rodeo?!



  1. Looks like you & Bob had a fine time. I don't much care for rodeos, but I went to the San Antonio rodeo a couple of times in the late 70s for the musical entertainment- Don Williams one year, Johnny Rodriguez another year.Mmh

  2. David and I went to a show like this in Denver last year, and it was great fun except for the part where the kids (!) reenacted times when cowboys shot and killed Native Americans that were attacking them. No laser show, though! -karyn