Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Identity Crisis!

Low Risk?

So...Bob filled out all our tax stuff and sent it in online just like he's been doing for several years. Well, this year Turbotax sent an email letting us know that our filing was rejected. What??!! Turns out someone already filed with my social security number. The nerve!!!! Now life is starting to look a bit like this:

I wasn't really 'complaining'!

So now I'm a complainant. I've determined that it is WAY easier being the thief! It has taken a large chunk of the day to go online with various entities and then even more time to wait on the phone. I contacted the IRS, FTC, Experian (one of the three credit reporting firms), our bank at USAA (They are the most fantastic people in the whole world!!) and then a trip to the security station on post to file a complaint with the police. Unbelievable! I feel like I have signed my life away. Thank you Bob for doing all the preliminary checking and dealing with the Social Security Service!! Mwah!

My growing file of paperwork

The good news is that there is no evidence of any other activity and the IRS tells me that whether the fraudulent return gets money or owes money it should not affect us in any way other than forcing us to file by mail instead of online. We'll see. The down side is that this complicates loans for buying a house. Another 'we'll see'. Oy!!

More typical gray gloomy February weather. I could really use some sunshine about now!



  1. What a yucky way to spend your day! Hope you get it all straightened out soon. Mmh

  2. That is terrible! I hate this has happened to you and Bob. I remember when mom's SS# was stolen after she passed away and I got several calls from creditors about the cars she bought and never paid for!!

  3. Sorry, Mom -- that's really crummy. What a weird thing to use someone's identity theft for, though. If I stole someone's identity, it would never occur to me to file a tax return with it.