Sunday, February 26, 2012

House Hunting Highlights

It's no secret that we've been out looking at houses. We cannot buy anything because we don't have orders yet but the realtor says it's good to get a feel for different areas. And the realtor is a really nice lady that I am enjoying getting to know. And the houses! How can they look SO good in photos and in the description and then be SO different in reality?? Making houses look and sound good in listings must be a highly honed art form!!

Here are some interesting items I've seen in houses so far.....some I love and some just made me laugh.....

Maybe not

First this chandelier. While I'm thinking "That would HAVE to go" the realtor is saying "I love that chandelier". To each his own. This was centered between grand staircases on each side. We concluded that the chains are actually plastic. Oh my! Maybe in a Moroccan room.....

Want it!

 There were some pretty neat items in this next house.

First, I wanted to take this rug home with me. The colors were captivating. I'm glad they have it on the wall and not the floor. It'll stay beautiful!

Love it!

And then there was this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired chair. There was a poster of Frank Lloyd Wright on the wall above it  just in case you didn't get the connection. I do like the simplicity of Wright's designs. Sigh.


These folks obviously need to watch some HGTV. They'd find out about staging and making everything impersonal so the buyers can imagine themselves in the place. 


 They're cute and made me smile but neither made me want to buy the house. I confess the staging of the places does make more difference than you might imagine. And it's fun to look in the garage and see the humongous pile of 'stuff' taken OUT of the house. If we all sold about 9/10 of our 'stuff' we could have houses that look like those on HGTV!!! 

Lastly, here's most of the back yard of a house we LOVED. At this stage of the game a tiny back yard looks ideal. No mowing!! 8^) And all those feeders had birds and squirrels in masses. The cats would be in ecstasy and it would keep us entertained as well. 8^)

Love this home!

Usually Bob and I have a hard time agreeing on the ideal house but we both liked this one a lot. We'll see if it's still around when we can actually make an offer. More sighs....



  1. OK Geraldine, I finally made it back. I have to say that I like the chandelier in the photo, but don't have any context. Seems like it could find the perfect place in someone's house. Thank goodness for Ebay!
    Love the gorgeous flower colors and glad you won bingo. I wish you were looking at houses somewhere closer to somewhere we might actually land one day!
    xxxooo, TRC

  2. Oh my. I am so glad you linked on FB. My google reader wasn't picking you up. It is fixed! Hooray!!! I have so enjoyed going back through. Send on the shopping excursions. Will you be joining me on the outing?

  3. It also makes you very suspicious when they don't post pictures of bathrooms and/or kitchens! Sometimes when you have seen the pictures and the actual house you have to say to yourself.."when did this house EVER look like the pictures?"!!

  4. I'll take the chandelier! -karyn

  5. House hunting sounds like fun! I'm not crazy about the chandelier. Mmh