Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ultimate Rodeo Experience

Okay, the bronc' bustin' was pretty exciting but the bull ridin' has to be the ultimate in rodeo! Those bulls can really twist around. The pictures are a little blurry because of low light and the animals just really moved FAST. This guy was out of the gate and on the ground in all of 3 seconds!

Out of the gate
...thousand one

...thousand two
...thousand three

It takes WAY longer for them to get all situated than it does for the actual ride! And those clowns there? They are no joke. They are a very integral part of the show. Those guys really know their stuff and they get right in there and make sure no one gets hurt all the while entertaining the crowd with corny jokes and antics. Here's a clown at work protecting a rider until he can get out of the arena.....

Clown on the Job

This guy managed to stay on through the buzzer but it was still measured in seconds. And here you can see that even if you stay on getting _off_ is a challenge to yet overcome!

The Ride Begins

Tricky Dismount   

                        I've concluded that all of this is pretty tricky business!



  1. I am so glad to see that they are wearing helments. They were not at the last rodeo I went to. When I was ACU I went to one in Rock Springs Texas, which is in the hill country, and when one of the riders fell off, they thought he had a broken neck because he was motionless, but it turned out he was drunk and had passed out. they didn't realize this until they brought the ambulance into the ring to pick him up.

  2. Hi Dine,

    Finally got off the dime and had to go thru the archive to catch up. sorry to hear about the issues in Muleshoe and with your SSN. How is your sister? I am BUSY with schoolwork but thinking of you!
    love from SC!