Monday, February 6, 2012

Escargot and Flight Path

I always have several projects going at once. Here's one I've actually completed! It's a hat called Escargot. I found the pattern at It's a free pattern so you can knit it too! This one is for my neighbor Kellie. She has had chemotherapy and her hair is just now coming back in. It's all of about an inch long right now and I figured her head must be cold. Of course, about the time I got started knitting it got really warm but it's cooled off again. And the hat is just way cute no matter what the temps might be!


Another project.....a mystery knit-a-long (KAL) from Mary Scott Huff on Ravelry. I've never done a mystery KAL before. This one is stranded knitting where you use more than one color at a time. I have not tried stranded knitting before. It's a little frustrating because we just get bits of the pattern as we go along. About the time I get really into it the pattern runs out and I have to wait til the next installment! Obviously, patience is not my strong point. It's not too late to join in if you are a knitter. Here's the place to find it: The second installment came out today but I have not gotten to sit down and knit it. You can bet I'll be on it by tomorrow night!!

Flight Path, 1st installment

I have a couple of pairs of socks on the needles as well but I'll let them be a surprise! Off to knit some more! Woo hoo!!!!



  1. Love both projects! The escargot hat is one of those Knitty patterns that I hope to do some day. Mmh

  2. That hat is the greatest hat in the world. -karyn

  3. I will take one in dark purple and green. Please and thank you!