Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Out of Control!

So, my life seems to be spiraling along without any input from me. Maybe I have some responsibility but I don't see it. I did all I can do on the whole identity theft thing and we still have the ongoing issue of my dad's widow suing his estate. She wants money or to live in the house. She has her own house. My dad's house is the only place my sister has to live. She can't afford anything else. I am now 1/3 owner of the house along with my brother and sister. It's all up to the courts. Pray our lawyer pleads a really good case!! Homestead laws may trump everything. More waiting.

Meanwhile my neighbor finally returned. She's the one I made the hat for and it just so happens to be a little chilly today so she really needs the hat. I think she looks really great in the hat!


I'm so glad Kellie likes her hat and has a warm head now. Thank goodness her chemo is over and she is doing so much better. And she can think warm thoughts of me when she wears her new hat. Warm thoughts are always good! All of you think warm thoughts for me too. I need them in the worst way.



  1. So sorry to hear you are still having problems with the estate. What a mess! Mmh

  2. Geraldine that hat is even cuter on her head...caroleb

  3. I forgot to mention that I want one of these hats!!!