Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Captures at WFSC

There is always something going on at the Warrior and Family Support Center. These are a few things I saw there last Thursday....

Tops In Blue

The Air Force performing group stopped by to share some songs. They were really great. These folks are from all different departments of the AF and they try out to be in this group. The chosen few then work together for a year traveling all around the world entertaining folks in the military. After the year they go back to their regular jobs.

Python Boots

I could NOT pass up these boots! They are something else, even here in Texas. Just for the record she is from the Midwest and not Texas. 8^) I'm told the foot portion is made from python. Wow.

On to my weaving class.....here are Tim, Rabe, who is also called Kia, and Brenda. 

Tim Weaving

Rabe/Kia weaving

Brenda Weaving

All three of them did a great job and went home with a nice basket!

Brenda with her basket

Rabe and Tim with their baskets

Brenda's son-in-law was injured and she is here helping out her daughter who has two little ones.

Tim's son was profoundly injured by a bomb and they will be here for a while. Some people stay as long as two years!

I hope basket class gives them a bit of a respite!


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  1. Those boots are a new standard. -karyn